Continuing students register for classes and make any subsequent schedule changes (i.e. drop and/or add classes) through their OASIS account whenever possible. If manual intervention is required, registration changes can take place in-person at The Hub for Enrollment Services.

When students register for a semester, they are registering for all sessions within that semester, not just the one(s) that may come first chronologically. From the viewpoint of Oglethorpe University, a student’s enrollment status (whether full- or part-time, for example) depends on the totality of hours being attempted in all sessions within a semester. Additionally, there are both financial and financial aid implications associated with making sure a student registers for all sessions within a semester at one time.

Registration dates

Registration dates for each semester are published by Enrollment Services each academic year. In general terms, registration will begin in November for the spring semester and in April for the summer and fall semesters. Access to the registration system is prioritized based on the classification level of students as determined by the total number of credit hours earned. Exact dates on which students are eligible to register will be published by Enrollment Services and communicated to students and advisors.

Summer/Fall 2017 Registration Schedule:

Monday, April 3: Students with at least 81 earned hours of credit

Tuesday, April 4: Students with at least 49 earned hours of credit

Wednesday, April 5: Students with at least 17 earned hours of credit

Thursday, April 6: Students with 16 or fewer earned hours of credit

Before you register

All students should meet with their academic advisor prior to registration.  The advisor will assist the student with planning appropriate course selections to progress toward degree attainment and post-degree aspirations. Students and advisors should work with a student’s Degree Audit report (found under the “Program Evaluation” link in OASIS) to ensure students are completing proper courses to meet published program requirements. Students will not be eligible to register until they have been cleared to register by an academic advisor.

Registration Week

Registration itself is a student-driven activity. You are responsible for registering for the courses that were agreed upon during the meeting with your advisor. If you decide to change your schedule from that which was agreed upon, you will bear the entire responsibility for any unintended or unforeseen consequences, including but not limited to delayed graduation and denial of (or reduction in) financial aid. You are responsible for knowing and following the policies detailed in the university bulletin.


See “Holds” section for information that may prevent registration.

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