FAQs for First Generation Students

Below are some frequently asked questions that we hear and some others we don’t hear but that are just as important.

A liberal arts education means studying broadly—taking classes in many different subjects—and building skills that are geared toward more than just one profession. By studying the liberal arts, you can develop strong critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Liberal arts students learn to approach questions flexibly and to think across multiple disciplines. These are skills employers say they value most, even more than a specific major. In today’s labor market, career paths are changing rapidly, and graduates must draw from a variety of skill sets to adapt to challenges and capitalize on opportunities. 

If you are having difficulties understanding your financial award letter or your bill for the term, you should reach out to the HUB for Enrollment Services. The HUB encompasses Financial Aid, Billing & Payments, and Registration & Records. Any member of our team in the HUB will be happy to walk you through your award letter or bill. 

If you have recently had something happen in your family and it has changed your financial circumstances, please reach out as soon as possible. Our Director of Financial Aid will be happy to review your financial aid award. Please send an email to finaid@oglethorpe.edu to request the financial aid appeal form. 

Your Compass Advisor is your main point of contact at Oglethorpe through your first academic year. They are there to help you navigate your first year not only with academic issues but with anything else that you may encounter. They are familiar with all of our academic programs and policies which makes them invaluable. Because they will be working to get to know you better, your strengths and weaknesses, they can ensure that your intended program of study will be a good fit.

Each Compass Advisor will do things a little differently- ya gotta love diversity! But the best way to find out how to schedule a meeting is to email them.

You can always double check who your advisor is by logging into your OASIS Student Account. Select ‘My Profile’ from the lower right hand side. You will be redirected to your profile page and your advisor assignment will be listed at the bottom along with their email address. 

Don’t worry- you will! Your Compass Advisor will only be your advisor through your first year at Oglethorpe. See the question ‘What is a Compass Advisor and what do they do?’ for more information.

To be eligible for most federal and institutional financial aid, students must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours; however, Oglethorpe requires that students earn 128 credit hours to earn a degree. That means you would take 16 credit hours each semester if you were enrolling in only fall and spring semesters for 4 years. (16 * 2 = 32 * 4 = 128) 

You can purchase your textbooks on campus at the bookstore in the Turner Lynch Campus Center (TLCC). The bookstore is on the ground floor next to our on campus Starbucks. You will find out which textbooks you need on the first day of class. Your professor will give you a syllabus which outline which books you will need for class. 

A syllabus is a document that outlines all the information you will need about a course. The dates and times, location, instructor name and contact information, instructor office hours, which textbooks will be used, what material to be covered each class, what assignments you will have, when those assignments are due, and how much each assignment is worth towards your final grade. 

You can always go to Academic Success for help in a course. They may be able to help you find a tutor. But don’t forget- your instructor is a great resource. They are required to have office hours each week in which you can stop by their office during that time and get help with any assignments you may have or ask any questions you may have regarding the course. 

We can’t stress how important is for you to communicate with your instructors. They are people. They won’t bite. They have been in your shoes before…it may have been a very long time ago but it did in fact happen. Typically your instructor can give you a more accurate picture of how well you are doing.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your instructor or their response confused you, the next stop should be your advisor. They too have been where you are and can help you develop a strategy for success.

If you have done both of these things but you are still not sure that you want to stay in the course, you can potentially withdrawal from the course. To learn more about what an ‘Individual Course Withdrawal’ is and to request one, visit our Withdrawal page.

Yes! At Oglethorpe Accessibility Services provides individualized accommodations and services at no additional cost for students with documented disabilities. It is recommended that qualified students submit sufficient documentation prior to their first semester. However, students may apply for accommodations at any point in time during their academic career. If you would like to learn more about how accessibility services can help you succeed at Oglethorpe, please email accessibility@oglethorpe.edu to schedule an appointment.

Our Counseling Office provides services for all currently enrolled students at no cost. Those services include individual counseling and our counselors can speak to you about anything from relationship issues to academic difficulties and career indecision. 

The HUB is your one stop shop for anything related to records, registration, billing, payments, and financial aid. You can go to them with questions whenever even if your question isn’t related to one of our areas we generally know who to ask or which office handles which tasks. The HUB is located on the ground floor of Lupton Hall. 

Whether you are looking for a job on campus or off campus, our team in Career Development are here to help! Sign up for a Career Development Orientation by clicking on the Handshake icon below to learn more!




Not sure where to start? Show up to an event! We are super welcoming community and love seeing new faces. 

Check out the OU Connect website! You can search for events by organization or date and there’s a news feed to keep up with the latest going ons.