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Payment Plans

If you are not able to pay your balance in full, we offer payment plan options for fall and spring semesters. A payment plan enables you to break your education costs into monthly payments rather than pay for the entire semester in one large sum. These plans allow for the payment of balances due that are not covered by scholarships, loans or other financial aid. You can choose between 4, 5 or 6-month plan options.

Payment plans generally open for Fall on June 1 and for Spring on November 1, depending upon the plan you chose (6, 5, or 4 Month).

Payments are due no later than the 10th of the month. Payments for Fall plans would start as early as July 1 and payments for Spring as early as December 1.

Payment plans offer:

  • a convenient payment option with no approval required to participate
  • easy enrollment process that can be completed online
  • payment schedules that reflect a typical bill paying cycle

Only charges related to the specific upcoming academic semester are eligible for inclusion in a payment plan.  Any balance due related to prior academic terms must be paid in full before a new payment plan can be initiated.  Also, financial aid award arrangements must be completed and third party scholarship agreements on file before the University will approve a payment plan.

There is a $55 non-refundable payment plan application fee, per academic semester. However, there is no interest and no pre-qualification or credit check for this service, and participants have 24-hour access to account information via a dedicated website and toll-free automated account information phone number.

Apply for a Payment Plan 

Payment plans are NOT available for summer academic terms.