Once the Add/Drop period ends, you are no longer able to drop a course from your schedule; however, you are able to withdraw from it. A withdrawal is similar to a drop with the following exception- the course will appear on your official transcript with a grade of a “W”. The “W” has no impact on your GPA and you receive no credit for the course. Your tuition and fees will not be impacted by a withdrawal but it may impact your financial aid. We highly recommend that you consult with your Academic Advisor and a Financial Aid Counselor before withdrawing from a course. There is a deadline to withdrawal from an individual course for each session. Please consult the Academic Calendar for the exact dates.

If you wish to withdrawal from an individual course, you should fill out the Registration Change Form.

University Withdrawal

In some cases, you may need to withdraw from the university entirely. In those cases, we hope that you will speak with your advisor to understand your academic options as well as a Financial Aid Counselor to understand the financial implications of withdrawing from the university. We find that there are instances when we are able to provide assistance that you are simply unaware of. If you are struggling, please let us know- we are here to help!

If you wish to withdrawal from the university, please submit the Registration Change Form. Please note that if you submit the form after the term’s deadline to withdrawal from an individual course, you will be awarded a grade of “W/WF” by your instructor based on your performance in each class at the time of your withdrawal.