Applying to graduate

Has it really been that long? Is this real? Only one way to find out – submit your Graduation Application! You can apply to graduate online through your Student Account. Online degree applications will be available at least halfway through the semester proceeding your anticipated graduation if not before.

How to apply

You will need to fill out the Graduation Application located in your Student Account under “Graduation Overview.”

Graduation checklist

1. Is Your Major and/or Minor Correct?

  • When you fill out the Graduation Application, it will list any major and/or minors we have on your record. If that is incorrect, you need to submit the Change of Major/Minor Form before you submit your Graduation Application.

2. Apply to Graduate

3. Check Your Account for Any Holds

  • You can check your holds by going to your Student Account and select “OASIS for Students”. From that main menu, select “Student Restrictions” to see if you have any holds.

4. Resolve Any Holds You May Have

  • Not sure how to resolve a hold? There is a great chart on the HUB’s Get Ready! page that will explain how to take care of a hold.

5. Receive an Email Confirming Your Eligibility to Participate in Commencement

6. Pay the $125 Degree Completion Fee

7. Order Your Cap & Gown

8. Attend Commencement Week Activities

9. Graduate

10. Celebrate!

Degree Completion Fee

The degree completion fee is $125 and will be added to your account once you submit your Graduation Application. You must pay this fee prior to participating in Commencement exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commencement exercises are held once a year at the end of the spring term in May. You must have completed all graduation requirements in order to participate. If you have additional questions about Commencement or would like additional details about Commencement, please visit the Commencement page of the Oglethorpe website.

Don’t believe all the rumors you hear; however, it is possible. The only exception is if you have completed all other degree requirements except for a maximum of two courses totaling no more than 12 semester hours. Anything other than this would require you to submit an official appeal to participate in commencement. You can submit an appeal here.

All other students completing their degree requirements at the end of the summer or fall will be eligible to participate in the following spring’s commencement exercises.

Yes, you can still participate in Commencement. You just won’t receive your diploma. You will receive a diploma holder but inside will be a piece of paper that informs you that you cannot have your diploma until you have resolved your holds.

Respond to the email you received with your advisor on copy and ask your advisor to explain if there are any course substitutions that need to be made. Our Registrars are fabulous but they are not all knowing.

You should email the HUB at and confirm the name that you want on your diploma.

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