All of our students will be assigned to an advisor based on their academic program of study. You can view your advisor online in your OASIS Student Account.

Note: First year traditional undergraduate students will be a part of Compass Advising and will be assigned a Compass Advisor for the duration of their first year at Oglethorpe.

Changing Your Academic Advisor

You can always request a different academic advisor.  Here are the ways you can be assigned to a new academic advisor:

  1. You can submit the online Change of Advisor Form and request a new advisor. That new advisor must agree to your request. The HUB will change the assignment, and the new advisor information will display in OASIS.
  2. If you change your major, you will be administratively reassigned prior to the next registration period. The Division Chair for the division that houses your new major will assign you a new advisor. The HUB will change the assignment and you will receive an email notification to your OU email account.