Your registration may be denied because there is a hold (and possibly more than one hold) on your account. A “hold” is an administrative action that indicates that a problem exists with your account. You must clear your holds prior to being allowed to register.

If your account is encumbered by the Admissions Office, Office of Campus Life, Campus Security, Enrollment Services (Business, Financial Aid, or Registrar), Library, or Provost’s Office, you will be unable to process registration until the hold is cleared by the appropriate office. You can see active holds on your account under the “Student Restrictions” link in your OASIS account. Registration cannot occur until you resolve any holds on your account and are cleared of the Advising Hold by your advisor.

If you have a hold, you should consult the office or unit from which the hold emanates (enrollment services, library, etc.) to work out an arrangement for resolving the situation that has led to the hold. If you are unsure where to go to resolve a hold, the enrollment services staff in the Hub can direct you. In fact, many holds can be resolved right there without any further action.