Verification is a process that you and Oglethorpe must complete in order to award you federal student aid. Students are selected randomly and we have verify that the information submitted on your FAFSA is accurate. This process must occur before Oglethorpe can award you any of your federal student aid.

To verify that the information received is correct, we will ask you to submit the Dependent (or Independent) Verification Worksheet along with other supporting documents. If we determine that there are differences, your FAFSA information may need to be updated.

The Dependent Verification Worksheet must be completed by you and at least one parent and submitted with the requested verification to Belinda Jones, our Senior Financial Aid Counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You will receive an email from Belinda Jones indicating that you have been selected. You will also notice that none of your federal student aid appears when you look at your statement in your OASIS Student Account. If you are not sure, you can always contact the HUB to verify. 

If you are selected for Dependent Verification, you will need to submit the Dependent Verification Worksheet and your parents will need to use the Data Retrieval Tool from the IRS or submit a copy of their tax transcript.

If you are selected for Independent Verification, you will need to submit the Independent Student Verification Worksheet and use the Data Retrieval Tool or submit a copy of your tax transcript. 

If you have been selected and cannot find the email sent to you from Belinda Jones, you can email her at [email protected] or call her directly at 404-364-8358. 

  1. Go to and select the “Start Here” button
  2. Log in using your FSA ID
  3. Select the “Continue” or “Make a Correction” button
  4. Select the “Financial Information” tab from the top of the page
  5. Answer the questions in the first box to see if you are eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool
  6. If you are eligible, click “Link to IRS” (If you are not eligible you will need to send a copy of your tax transcript)
  7. For your security and privacy, the tax information you transfer from the IRS into your FAFSA form won’t be visible to you. But you will see “Transferred from the IRS” to the appropriate fields
  8. Proceed to the Sign and Submit page

If you are unable to use the Data Retrieval Tool, you can follow the instructions listed on the IRS Tax Transcript website for requesting a copy. 

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