Withdrawals & Refunds

A student may officially withdraw from the University by completing the official university withdrawal form.

Unofficial withdrawal results in 100 percent forfeiture of tuition. When officially withdrawing, the student may be eligible for a refund of payments depending upon the date of withdrawal. The date that will be used for calculation of a refund for drop/add or withdrawal will be the date on which enrollment services receives the official form.

All students who officially withdraw after the University’s first day of classes for that academic term will be charged tuition and room and board based on the time period of enrollment prior to the official withdrawal date and based on the end of residential occupancy respectively. Student activity and other fees are non-refundable, and residential students may be assessed a fee for early termination of their housing contract.  The following table outlines the percentages of tuition NOT eligible for a refund for official withdrawals:

Academic Term Tuition Percentage Not Eligible for Refund
Fall or Spring 16-Week Session 10% for each week or fraction thereof elapsed from the FDOC to the OWD
All Other Sessions 25% for each week or fraction thereof elapsed from the FDOC to the OWD

*A Monday through Friday period is considered one complete week for purposes of this table.

Students receiving government grants or loans who withdraw during an academic term will be subject to the refunding of all or a portion of these grants or loans according to regulations applicable to the particular government aid program.