Tuition & Fees

Please be advised that some or all of the semester may be delivered remotely due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Tuition and fees for Spring 2021 enrollment are fixed regardless of the method of instruction and campus closures.

2021-22 Full-time Residential Students2021-22 Full-time Commuter Students
2022-23 Full-time Residential Students2022-23 Full-time Commuter Students

Summer session tuition and fee rates can be found on the Oglethorpe Summer School website.

Information and rates for J-Term can be found on the J-Term page.

Tuition for transient students is the same as part-time tuition listed below.

2022-23 Other charges & fees
Part-time day tuition (fewer than 12 hrs)$1,814.00/ cr hour
$3,628.00/ 2 hr course
$5,442.00/ 3 hr course
$7,256.00/ 4 hr course
J-Term tuition$500/ cr hour
Overload tuition (over 19 hrs)$775.00/cr hr over 19 attempted hours
Joint enrollment$250.00/ cr hr
Special status student$375.00/ cr hr
Activity fee$175.00/ semester
Applied music lessons (14 lessons @ $35 ea)$490.00/ cr hr
Art lab fee (consult course schedule)Film/Art Material - $100.00
Audit fee$775.00
Degree completion fee$125.00*
Housing contract breakage fee20% of semester room and board charge
Late tuition fee$100 per month
Meal plan per semester**All-Access plan: $2,530.00
150 plan: $1,265.00
Commuter meal plan: $250***
Orientation fee (new students, 1st semester only)$250.00
Oxford study fee$5,000.00
Parking fee$35.00-$75.00
Payment plan fee (per year)$110.00
Returned check fee$50 per incident
Science lab fee$100.00
Study abroad fee$300.00
Transcript fee$10.00

**These amounts are included in the corresponding Room & Board rates listed below.

Part-Time Fees

Students enrolled part-time in day classes during the fall or spring semesters will be charged per credit hour at the rate shown above. This rate is applicable to those students taking 11 semester hours or less. Students taking 12 to 19 hours are classified full-time.

2022-23 Room & Board Charges
Room TypeAmount (per semester)
Jobe-Hansen & Bowden-Magbee$8,100.00
Jacobs, Alumni, & Schmidt (Upper Quad)Single (only if space): $6,800.00
Double: $5,300.00
Third Floor Single*: $5,300.00
Third Floor Double*: $4,300.00
GoodmanDouble: $7,200.00
Greek HousingSingle: $8,100.00
Double: $5,100.00

* Third-floor rooms are single-gender and share a traditional-style hall bathroom.

****PLEASE NOTE: Room and Board Rates include the All-Access Meal Plan, except for the Greek double, which includes the Greek 150 Meal Plan.****

Adult Degree Program Tuition

For tuition information, employer reimbursement options and additional details, visit the Adult Degree Program website

Non-Credit Programs

Expense of tuition and fees is incurred at the time of registration. You must satisfy your financial obligations to the university, and failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your registration. If you have not met all financial obligations to the university, you will not be allowed to register for subsequent courses nor be allowed to receive a degree from the university, and requests for transcripts will not be honored.