Once a course no longer has any available seats, you are able to add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist does not guarantee you a seat in the course; it simply means that should a seat become available or if the cap is raised, that the first individual on the waitlist will be given priority to register for that seat. When a seat becomes available in a class, the first person on the waitlist will receive and email from the HUB giving them 24 hours to log in to OASIS and register for the course. If they do not, they will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student will be given permission and so on and so on.


Note for Traditional Undergraduate Students: If the course you want is closed and you add yourself to a waitlist, it is extremely important to make sure you register for an alternative course so that you are full time for financial aid purposes. (Remember, full time status means you are registered in at least 12 credit hours.)

While searching for courses in OASIS, you will see that “Status” of the course will now say “Waitlisted” if a student has already added themselves to the waitlist. You can see how many students are on the waitlist by looking in the column entitled “Available/ Capacity/ Waitlist”- the third number in that column will indicate how many students have already joined the waitlist. If the course status says “Closed” it means that no student has added themselves that waitlist.

waitlist oasis

The process of adding yourself to a waitlist is identical to the registration process in OASIS except that you will select “Waitlist” from the Action dropdown menu on your Register.

waitlist oasis

Select “Manage My Waitlist” from the OASIS Student Menu. You should see a list of the courses you are currently waitlisted for as well as your current registration. Under the column entitled “Waitlist Status” you should see the status “Active” which indicates that you are currently on the waitlist and on the far right under the column entitled “Rank/Waitlist” you will see your place on the waitlist. Remember, being on the waitlist does not mean you are registered and does not guarantee that you will be able to get a seat in the course.

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Once you have received an email from the HUB indicating that a space has become available, you should login in to OASIS and register for the course. You have 24 hours from the time you received the email to register for the course; after that you lose your spot and the next person on the list will be notified. To register for the course, select “Manage My Waitlist” from the main menu in OASIS. You should see under “Waitlist Status” that you are “Eligible”. From the “Action” drop down menu, select “Register” and then press “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

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Have questions about Waitlisting? Please visit our FAQ Page.